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A Gingerbread House Making Playdate

A Gingerbread House Making Playdate

I thought a Christmas activity for Nomz’s next playdate would be perfect for the season. It’s been ages since I last made a gingerbread house, so I did a quick search online for some tips. We rinsed and dried these individual juice cartons to serve as the base and prepped the icing using a double batch of this recipe the night before.   IMG_2170We asked each family to bring leftover Halloween candy or whatever they had in their pantries that could be used as decorations.


and each kid got this set consisting of a base (juice carton hot-glue gunned to a paper plate), a ziplock bag full of icing, and 4 full sheets of graham crackers and plastic knife. We snipped the corner of the ziplock bag to create a piping bag…


… and the kids went to town! The adults had so much fun too. I felt like a contractor, laying down graham cracker “drywall” and “caulking” the gaps with icing to create the perfect structure. The carton idea was great because it would have been too difficult for 5 year olds to create a freestanding house. This way, all they had to do was squeeze a little icing on a sheet of graham cracker and paste it to the carton. The graham crackers could even be cut into size with the plastic knife, and the icing recipe worked perfectly as an adhesive. The finished gingerbread houses!:


Afterwards, we enjoyed a potluck lunch.


At the end we wrapped each gingerbread house in clear cellophane and tied a ribbon at the top for a festive take-home.