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Hawaiian Smoked Meat

Hawaiian Smoked Meat

D receives a lot of gifts at his office during the holiday season, but my favorite one I look forward to each year is this homemade smoked meat from one of his colleagues. This chunk of meat comes in a little vacuum sealed package and it’s so dense and full of flavor! A little bit goes a long way and pairs so well with rice.


It’s delicious as is, but I like to serve it up sautéed with some onions, as I’ve seen smoked meat plate lunches served this way. I added a little apple juice at the end to catch all the delicious flavors in the pan and caramelize the onions, but any sweet sauce would match well, perhaps some guava jelly or even some balsamic glaze.


Dinner is served.


If you want to know how to smoke the meat yourself, you can find detailed recipes here and here.