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Preschooler Playdate Ideas: Icing Cookies

Preschooler Playdate Ideas: Icing Cookies

While Nomz’s school is out on winter break, I try to line up her schedule with playdates because, let’s be honest, nobody wins with bored children in the house. Today we had Nomz’s best friend over and we tried our hand at decorating sugar cookies with icing. The great thing with this idea is you could adjust the level of difficulty according to your kids’ age. For a simpler activity, you can use store-bought sugar cookies and provide frosting with a plastic knife and some sprinkles for instant fun.

For 5 and 6 year olds today, we baked the cookies from scratch. Since Sky is allergic to eggs, I decided to try out this egg-free sugar cookie recipe and it came out absolutely delicious!! I did not miss the eggs at all. The cookie dough was perfectly malleable, exactly like the consistency of play-doh, so we just hand shaped the cookies instead of using cookie cutters. I cannot say enough great things about this easy recipe (only FOUR ingredients!). Next time though, I can probably reduce the amount of sugar a bit, especially since we added icing.

The icing was made by mixing powdered sugar with water until it reached the desired consistency. Then the icing was split into smaller bowls and the girls had fun mixing a drop of food coloring into each batch. Then each went into a ziplock bag, and the tip was cut off to use as a single-use piping bag.


The finished cookies were laid out to dry while the girls played the afternoon away… (the drying time depends on the consistency of the icing, but today’s took about 3 hours to dry  enough to pack them in bags)


Then when it was time to go home, they were wrapped up as a lovely take-home gift. I love cellophane and ribbon – they make anything look special!