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Preschooler Playdate Ideas: Making Snow Globes

Preschooler Playdate Ideas: Making Snow Globes

Nomz LOVES snow globes. Whenever she seems them at the store, she wants to touch them. It turns out, they’re super easy to make at home and SO much cheaper. It’s a fun activity with friends and makes a lovely souvenir to take home.

Our first attempt here is the simple version: water, figurines, mason jar, hot glue gun, glitter. That’s it. I’ll update when I try the version with glycerin in the water but for today, we used what we had at home.

First we attach the figurines to the lid of the mason jar (underside) using hot glue gun or superglue. You know when you clean out your kids’ toy box there’s all these tiny toys and knick knacks at the bottom? You can just use those. Hatchimals work well too. Whatever works – it just has to be made of material that will not deteriorate or melt when submerged in water for a long time.   Then we pour water into the jar with some glitter. A teaspoon or two of glitter worked for this 8 oz mason jar. Screw on the lid and done – it couldn’t be easier!!

Some tips based on our experience:

  • Try to match the figurines to the size and shape of your jars. In our case, the Hatchimals were a bit too short for these tall mason jars, leaving so much empty space.
  • Jars with no patterns/wording on the glass work better than these mason jars because they provide better visibility. Think empty baby food jars, jams, etc.
  • Plastic jars are perfect for toddlers if you’re afraid of breakage. Nobody wants to clean up wet glitter off the floor.
  • Don’t fill the water all the way. Leave just enough space for the figurines, otherwise the glitter will overflow and make it harder to create a tight seal around the lid.

This one little snow globe brought hours of mesmerizing entertainment. Next time we’ll try adding glycerin to the water so that the glitter stays suspended longer.