My life in Hawaii - food, mostly.


SONY DSCAloha! I’m Ai and I’m lucky to call Hawaii my home. Originally from Japan, I grew up in Connecticut and moved to Honolulu to attend the University of Hawaii, where I met and fell in love with a local boy and have stayed ever since. We’re now raising our little family in paradise.

This blog is a place for me to write about my loves:

Food: Probably 99% of what I write about will be food. My previous blog was a food blog where I wrote about all the delicious food I was eating! But life changes. With two small children, I stopped having the time to necessarily photograph and blog about a meal. I’m still eating delicious food, but they tend to be more healthier, home cooked meals. I’ve since been navigating, through diet, the treatment of my high blood sugar, high blood pressure, eczema, and a child with allergies. I’m always experimenting with various diets to see what effects food has on my health. But I’ll be the first to admit I’m addicted to SUGAR and I love French fries.

Family: My wonderful husband D, sweet girl Nomz (5 years old) and baby boy Sky (1 year old). If you’ve read my previous blog you also know my in-laws in Hawaii and parents  in Japan frequently make appearances too.

Japanese Culture: If you’re raising multilingual/multicultural children like me, you’ll probably agree it’s hard work! It especially takes dedication to develop and maintain their minority language while living in the country of the majority language. Since we live in the US, I tend to deliberately focus on the Japanese side of their heritage. You’ll see us frequently learning about Japanese culture and traveling to Japan every chance we get.

Entertaining: I love to entertain! I previously had a career as a catering manager and owned a business in the wedding industry, and planning events is my passion. Now I plan mostly playdates and birthday parties for our kids. We live in a small apartment so we can’t have lavish parties, but we still manage to host some intimate get togethers – on a budget no less!